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Most newbies tend to think that the value of Bitcoin comes from only the “technology and features” or the fact that “it is digital” and only that.

This is why they are easily fooled when they hear of a “new” cryptocurrency or digital currency with “better” or “faster” features and they are told that it will be “the next Bitcoin;” Likewise, they are easily fooled by assertions like “They are creating a “digital US$” and a digital Chinese Yuan and a Facebook cryptocurrency, so it will the end of Bitcoin!”

It is important that the value of Bitcoin, while it is “built on” amazing technology, is based on so much more than the technology.

The value of Bitcoin comes not just from the technology, but from the fact that it is truly DECENTRALIZED and SCARCE; among other great reasons. To understand this better, see the video below:

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By David Ledesma

(DISCLOSURE: The creator of this website is also the author of this book…. me!)  I wrote this to be the shortest, easiest, funnest way to learn the Bitcoin concept as quickly as possible for non-techies. Don’t be surprised by the hateful or angry and negative Amazon reviews as I’m famous in the traditional finance field (Youtube channel and website with 120,000 subscribers and 15 million video views) and I made the mistake of launching it to my followers who are into traditional finance… result was I got a lot of backlash by Bitcoin haters or by people who expected me to explain the value of Bitcoin as being about its technology, features, and speed, etc. instead of explaining the real value of Bitcoin through super simple concepts like scarcity or store of value. Do use the free “Look Inside” feature at Amazon to check out the book!