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Should OUR BITCOIN WEBSITE continue? [Please read!]

Hi guys!

Just a quick question… do you like the service we provide with this website or not? Should we continue or not?

To be transparent, this site hasn’t taken off as much as I hoped (compared to my other very viral site a.k.a. which as 120,000 subscribers on Youtube).

Though it takes a lot of work scanning the web and properly curating the content, I’m completely okay with this site not earning any money (we haven’t opened the site to ads yet, etc.) as long as we have community support and it provides value to readers like you.

However, I haven’t had the expected support from readers in terms of “shares” with other Bitcoin maximalists and/or preferalists that I hoped for.

So should we continue this site or not? If your answer is “no,” then no need to do anything, we can all just get on with our lives and read directly the general crypto news sites which reports on a wide range of cryptos instead of focusing on Bitcoin. (No hard feelings, totally fine! I’ll be setting up another different topic site easily.)

IF YOUR ANSWER IS YES, the best way is to please SHARE our page with all your Bitcoin maximalist and/or Bitcoin preferalist friends.



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