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UNEXPECTED: 55% Bitcoin maximalists’ followers are NOT maximalist, survey explained (shocking!)… and what’s a ‘Bitcoin Preferalist?’

Not a scientific poll, to be sure (are any Twitter polls scientific?).

Regardless, here’s some slightly disappointing and unexpected (but very interesting) news for those of us who identify as Bitcoin maximalists. 

A clear majority or 55% of people identifying as “Bitcoiners” identified themselves as a “Bitcoin Preferalist” instead of “Bitcoin maximalist.”

What’s even MORE interesting is that for the survey, I specifically targeted followers of hardcore Bitcoin maximalists Saifedean Ammous and Mr. Plan B (@100trillionUSD) and targeted the followers of only one “diversified” account @Altcoindailyio who has much less followers than both Saifedean and Plan B combined ( Altcoin Daily = 30,000 followers vs. Saifedean = 81,000 followers and Plan B = 200,000 followers).  So if anything, I’d expect the results to be “biased” in favor of us Bitcoin maximalists.

Of course, since it was just a Twitter poll and not a scientific poll, there can be many sources of errors.  Some I can think of:

1) Twitter doesn’t allow me to target exact followers, but simply follower “look alikes.”

2) In order to reduce targeting “fake accounts” or click-farms, I only targeted certain “rich” countries which I assume are less likely to have click-farms, as can be seen in the image above.

3) In the poll, I never specified what a “Bitcoin Preferalist” is, although I do think it’s pretty clear that it’s someone who likes or even LOVES Bitcoin above all, yet is also interested in other coins and tokens. In any case, even the term “Bitcoin maximalist” isn’t 100% defined. 

Could the issues above have created more error in the polling?

I’d like to hear your thoughts… do you think this (unscientific) survey reflects reality, that majority of Bitcoin maximalist followers are Bitcoin preferalist instead of maximalist? Please comment on my Twitter post for this topic:

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